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How To Install Webmin 1.660 On Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian

Webmin is a browser-based configuration tool for Linux systems. By using it, you can easily manage user accounts, disk quotas, services, configuration files, etc. It is quite a usefull admin tool.

The latest version available is Webmin 1.660, which comes with fixes and improvements. For a full list of features and improvements, see the official changelog.

In this article I will show you how to install Webmin 1.660 on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Pear OS and Elementary OS.

How to install Webmin 1.660 on Debian systems:

BitNami Custom PHP application

In this guide you can find how to add your own PHP application on top of the LAMP/MAMP/WAMP Stack or any Virtual Machine or AMI.

1. How to create the basic application structure?
2. How to deploy a demo app?
3. Permissions
4. Note

How to create the basic application structure?

All PHP application are configured in a similar way in BitNami. The following folders are into your installation directory or in "/opt/bitnami" if you are using the Virtual Machines or AMIs.

This is the basic folder structure:

- apps/

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